We’re all pretty sure we can handle a bit of pain. Until we can’t. Until that pain becomes chronic pain. That’s pain that doesn’t go away. It’s not the intense pain you experience getting you latest tattoo. Sure that hurt but you knew when it would stop. Chronic pain weighs a person down and reduces their standard of living.

Pain Centre of Excellence

For those who live on the Gold Coast chronic pain management clinic The Pain Centre of Excellence is a place where you can seek treatment. They’ve got a holistic approach to pain management that includes therapy, medication where required, psychological classes, and physio. They have a pain management program that uses the latest science to deliver a course with proven results.  

The Pain Management Centre

My advise to anyone out there who is undergoing chronic pain is, don’t put up with it. Seek help. I can recommend the Pain Centre but if you’re in a different city or state do some research, find a provider, and start getting help. If possible, find a provider like the Pain Centre, who has a holistic approach. Make sure they have a range of allied health and pain care specialists on board,. That the care program is science based but holistic, and is based on a personal approach to each individual’s pain.

The Pain Centre’s program can be under-taken with zero out of pocket expenses for people with private health care and Dept of Vet Affairs pensions.